Welcome to Jan Mikuni, Phd candidate to EVAlab

We are pleased to welcome Jan Mikuni, as a doctoral student from Keio University, Tokyo, Japan  to our lab. Her scientific interest focuses on visitor’s behavior during museum visit. She attends a joint degree program of University of Vienna and Keio University and received the KÜ Japan (Monbukagakusho) grant from the Austrian Agency for International Cooperation in Education & Research (OeAD-GmbH). In the frame of her research project, the interaction between artworks and humans are going to be investigated. More specifically, a series of experiments in a laboratory setting and in museum exhibitions will be conducted in order to reveal the underlying mechanism of the phenomenon, museum fatigue defined as diminishing interests and attention towards artworks over progressing viewings of them.

Jan Mikuni, PhD candidate from from Keio University, Tokyo