Betreuung wissenschaftlicher Arbeiten bei Prof. Dr. Leder

The team of the EVA Lab offers supervision of master theses as a part of the course specialization Mind & Brain (Psychologische Grundlagen: Geist & Gehirn). For general information on the Master Thesis at the Faculty of Psychology, please follow this link. Master students are supervised by Helmut Leder or Michael Forster. Depending on the topic you will be co-supervised by Matthew Pelowski.

Please note that during your work on the Master Thesis we expect you to attend the Master Thesis Seminar.
Please see u:find for information on the current seminars.

You can apply for individual topics or research ideas. The research question must be closely related to one of our research foci, i.e. empirical aesthetics or face perception. It is highly recommended to discuss individual topics in the office hours of the designated supervisor or collaborator, respectively. The application has to include a letter of motivation, a CV, and the current consolidated grade record (Sammelzeugnis). Moreover, applications require a tentative thesis-exposé, specifying your research topic/question. The exposé has to include a title, an introduction (embed your own research question in the state of the art; point out the innovative and new aspects of your investigation and its relevance), methods (materials, procedure, design, statistical analyses), and an overview of the basic literature.

Betreuung wissenschaftlicher Arbeiten bei Prof. Dr. Slunecko

Im Rahmen von Master- und Dissertationsprojekten betreue ich vorwiegend empirische Arbeiten, die sich der qualitativen Forschungsmethodik bedienen, gelegentlich auch Theoriearbeiten und phänomenologisch orientierte Arbeiten.

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