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If you are interested in scientific research in the fields of empirical aesthetics or face perception, then an internship in general psychology could be an option for you. We offer all kind of internships, including compulsive internships (Modul A2 Pflichtpraktikum aka 6 Wochen Praktikum), Erasmus internships, or volunteers. For more general information about the Pflichtpraktikum, please follow the link (http://ssc-psychologie.univie.ac.at/studium/masterstudium/pflichtmodul-praktikum/). You can choose and apply for one of the following two research areas:

-        empirical aesthetics and art perception

-        face perception and facial attractiveness

We are looking for interested, dedicated people who like to work autonomous and do not back off from acquiring new skills.

Possible activities include:

  • Research of literature (e.g., Web of Knowledge, Google Scholar, university library)
  • Stimuli creation and selection (e.g., editing paintings by Photoshop; collecting faces from the internet)
  • Conducting experiments using different methods (e.g., eye-tracking, facial EMG, behavioral testing)
  • Helping with statistical analyses

If you are interested, please send an e-mail to support.allgpsy@univie.ac.at (Subject: Internship). Applications have to include a short letter of motivation and a short CV. Please also specify the research area in which you are interested in and the kind of internship (e.g., Pflichtpraktikum, Erasmus, Volontariat).


Interested in programming?

We are continuously searching for students, who are interested in programming, for example in Python or MatLab. If you feel appealed, please send an informal e-mail to andreas.gartus@univie.ac.at for further information.

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